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See how little you could pay, compared to Morrisons.


Prices checked on 23/04/14 on Asda.com and Morrisons.com. For verification please write to Asda House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD.

  • Standard Asda delivery on Asda direct and George
  • Minimum grocery order value £40, minimum George and Asda direct order value £10
  • Use your pass on Groceries immediately and use on George.com and Asda direct in 24 hours
How it works

The Asda.com Delivery Pass is a great way to save money on deliveries at an expensive time of year.

  • Shop as many times as you like, and pay just one fixed price for delivery
  • All your groceries, latest fashion from George and Asda Direct items delivered to your door
  • There are no delivery charges for the duration of your pass
  • As many deliveries as you need during this time
  • Minimum grocery order value of £40, minimum George and Asda direct order value £10
  • We'll deliver to you any day of the week, including weekends

Exclusions apply see full terms and conditions for details
*Based on 4 deliveries per month at £3 per delivery (Only available in selected regions)