Barbecue Essentials

Charcoal barbecues give that unbeatable smokey flavour and are cheaper to buy, whereas gas barbecues have the convenience factor - you simply fire up and go!

Gorgeous garden lights, outdoor ornaments or water features will add to a brilliant alfresco atmosphere.

Invest in some new garden furniture to create a great-looking outdoor dining area - and ask guests to bring extra chairs if you're short!

Weather-proof your barbecue plans with a fire pit to combat an evening chill and a gazebo to hide under during any sudden showers.

Go bright and beautiful for summer garden parties - colourful floral and tribal prints will look fantastic.

Add the fun factor to your garden with some simple outdoor toys. Bubbles are a hit with younger children, and our tennis, rounders and football sets will tear older kids away from their tablets.

Barbecue Food

Everyone will expect to see burgers and bangers an the menu, and you can throw different ingredients into a simple mince and egg mix for a variety of Easy Homemade Burgers, including mint and feta cheese with lamb, and cheese, chillis or sundried tomatoes with beef. Or, get plenty of banger for your buck with the new ASDA Extra Special Pork Hot Dogs.

Get the fiesta going with Spanish Kebabs (chicken, chorizo and Mediterranean veg on skewers) or go East with Tandoori Lamb (marinate lamb chunks in ASDA Tandoori Spice Blend, Greek yogurt and lemon juice) served in warm pittas.

Corn with chilli, cheese and lime mayonnaise makes a great side dish. Simply mix 12tbsp mayonnaise, the zest and juice of 1 lime, 2 red chillies and 100g grated parmesan then serve with BBQ's corn on the cob.

Kids will love Choc-Mallow Kebabs - simply skewer Rolos and marshmallows, and toast! Chocolate Banana Parcels are anouther brilliant BBQ pud - just stuff your bananas with Chosen By You milk chocolate buttons, wrap in foil and bake on the barbie.

While it's hard to beat an ice cold beer alfresco, barbecues don't have to be boozy. Make up a jugful of refreshing Mint and Raspberry Punch with 100ml or our Extra Special Raspberry and Mint Cordial, 500ml apple juice, 1L Chosen By You lemonade and fresh fruit.

At Asda we've got everything you need to make your barbecues a highlight of the summer. From burgers to bangers, we'll help you make the most of those rare but glorious sunny days with BBQs that go with a bang!