We’ve got barbecues covered this summer at Asda. Stock up on everything you need from our barbecue food range, you could even try your hand at a few barbecue recipes ideas to impress your friends. Most importantly check out our garden furniture range to make sure everyone’s got somewhere to sit, or make sure you tell them to bring their own!

Barbecue food preperation

To mix up the barbecue food staples of sausages, burgers and kebabs our meat team took a trip to the US to see first hand the newest trends in barbecue food - the ribstack! The team have expanded our Butcher Selection BBQ range to include pulled pork brisket and wings all on offer at 2 for £6

Our favourites are the bourbon pork ribs which are hand-trimmed and smoked over cherrywood chips, just like they do in The States. The ribs are then marinated for 25 hours in our special sauce, slow cooked for 24 hours and finished with a warming bourbon sauce. All you need to do is throw them on the barbecue! The best news is our barbecue food range can also be cooked in the oven, just in case the rain comes out!

Chicken and Ribs

We know convenience is of the essence for our customers, that’s why we asked you to help us create the Chosen by You frozen BBQ range. The majority of the BBQ food range can be cooked from frozen, straight on to the BBQ or into the oven. Keep some in the freezer for impromptu barbecues when the sun appears at a moments notice! Our favourites are the chicken and chorizo skewers which contain juicy chicken breast chunks and slices of spicy chorizo in a marinade bursting with Spanish flavour and Our succulent tender pork strips are seasoned with salt and a chilli kick oozing with succulence and flavour. At £2 per pack the frozen BBQ food range offers excellent quality at affordable prices.

Barbecue Food Range

Recipe Ideas

Spicy Pork Kebabs Recipe

Spicy Pork Kebabs Recipe

Griddled Peaches and Ginger Cake Kebabs Recipe

Griddled Peaches and Ginger Cake Kebabs Recipe

Gas or Charcoal?

Gas or Charcoal?

Authenticity is what BBQs are all about. The charcoal barbecue really brings out the cave main in you, starting a fire, keeping it running not to mention the atmosphere and the smell of charred coals. You can even gather round the barbeque later onto keep warm! Gas barbecues struggle to compete here some even say it defeats the object when it comes to taste and that you may as well cook in the oven!
Coal barabecue wins

Cleaning the gas barbeque is relatively easy to do, its just a simple as cleaning the oven. Charcoal barbeques are a little trickery to clean, however if you take the right steps of lining the coal barbecue it does make it much easier to win.
Gas barbeque wins for simplicity

Cost is an interesting one when it comes to choosing a barbeque. Gas barbecues are cheaper to run than charcoal barbeques, however the charcoal barbeque is cheaper up front. It’s a bit like running a diesel or petrol car.
Therefore, it’s a draw!

When it comes to convenience the gas barbeque heats up fast, so you can cook the food before the rain cloud arrives. It’s also slightly easier to keep the barbie running throughout the day and to cater for late comers. Many gas BBQ models also have side burners for cooking up sauce and veg which saves running in and out of the kitchen to prep accompaniments.
Gas barabecue wins

Charcoal barbecues take the edge on fuel convenience. In season it’s usually easier to source charcoal than it is to source gas. It’s also easier to monitor how much charcoal you have left than it is gas to ensure you don’t run out. You can also get small transportable charcoal models that pack up so you can take them camping, for picnics and the park.
It’s a draw!

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