Scottish Smoked Salmon

We source our Extra Special smoked salmon locally in Scotland, Traditionally cured with sea salt and Demerara sugar, then smoked over applewood and beechwood chips for an intense flavour

Working Together to Make Every Meal Truly Extra Special

When it comes to delicious tasting, inspiring food, nobody knows food like chefs do which is why ASDA have teamed up with Leiths, the UK's leading school of food and wine, to create our Extra Special range of exceptional food.

Leith's was established in 1975 with a guiding principle of instilling a love of food and they have trained some of the UK’s top chefs. Working in partnership together, Asda and Leiths can ensure that they have created a range of the best tasting food. Every Extra Special product has been tasted and selected by the chefs at Leiths School of Food and Wine and many of them have been expertly created with them too and it is only when they are 100% happy that the product goes on our shelves.

From the recipe to the ingredients to the techniques used, we care about every single part of the Extra Special range to ensure that we bring you delicious food that is beautifully presented but always at an affordable price.

Whether you're creating a mouth-watering meal or having friends round for afternoon tea, trust Asda and Leiths School of Food and Wine to make every moment delicious.

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