Pancake Day - Tuesday 17th February

We hope you had a flipping good Pancake day!

We will be back next year with more recipes and ideas to make sure you have everything you need to throw a Pancake Party.

Pancakes are a perfect treat all year round, so we've got some recipe inspiration and videos to make sure you don't have a pancake disaster!

Did you know?

  • Pancake Day in 2016 is Tuesday, February 9th.

  • In the US, pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is known as Mardi Gras - which means 'fat Tuesday' in French!

  • For more fun facts visit our recipe site.

Making great pancakes is quick and easy, but you need the right utensils. Take a look at our kitchen gear to make sure you’ve got everything ready for Shrove Tuesday.

Don’t get stuck - Pancake making equipment

How to make the perfect pancake video

Mix it up

Once your pancakes are made, it’s time to get adventurous with some tasty combinations. Don’t just think sweet either. Savoury pancakes make a delicious change, and we’ve got plenty of ideas and recipes you can try.

The Classics - Pancakes

The Classics

Everyone loves the old-skool classics like a lemon and caster sugar combo, chocolate spread, and who can resist sliced banana or strawberries?

Flavours to savour - Special toppings

Flavours to savour

Take a walk on the savoury side and save the sweet stuff for later. Create a delicious and nutritious family feast with our exciting recipes.

Around the world - International pancakes

Around the world

From classic British pancakes and American stacks to flaming French crêpes, why not add an international flavour to Shrove Tuesday with these recipes.

Try our amazing

If you’re making large amounts, you can quickly calculate the amount of pancake mixture you’ll need by entering the number of people you’re cooking for.

Crazy Combo Generator

The best thing about pancakes is there are no rules when you’re thinking of fillings, so go wild with our crazy combo generator - bacon, blueberries, marshmallows or maple syrup.

Throw a pancake party

No other dish can please kids and adults like a pancake can. Anything goes and it usually does. So start planning now and make this Pancake Day an awesome event.

For the kids

Throw a party and invite hundreds and thousands, ice-cream or chocolate sauce. Get them creating fantastic pancake faces, or turn your party into a picnic and watch our Teddy bear pancake video.

Asda Pintrest
Kowala pancake
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Shop toppings - Kids pancake toppings
Watch video

For the grown ups

Let’s get serious; pancakes are versatile and easy-going. How do we know? Try this pancake twist with a dash of alcohol. And we’ve got plenty of wine and fizz to keep the party going.

View recipe - Special toppings
Shop wine & fizz

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