• Everything you need for Pancake Day

    Flippin 'eck, Pancake Day is just around the corner. If you want to make this a fun time for all family, make sure you have everything you could need, from your tools and ingredients to lots of delicious toppings. The kids will love it too. Show them how to toss their own pancakes, just make sure they don't end up on the ceiling.

  • Make

    To create the best pancakes you're going to need the right ingredients and the right kitchen equipment. Use our easy step-by-step recipe to make your own classic home-made pancakes.

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  • Try our

    If you're making large amounts, calculate the amounts you'll need by entering the number of people you're cooking for

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  • Cheat

    If you're too busy to make your own from scratch don't worry, you can still enjoy great-tasting pancakes with our handy shortcuts. It's not cheating, it's using your time wisely

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  • Buy

    Need a quick solution without the hassle of cooking? Give our Mega Pancakes range a try. Nine delicious flavoured, freshly baked in-store every day - simple add your own favourite toppings.

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  • Don't get stuck!

    Making great pancakes is quick and easy, but you need the right equipment to make delicious pancakes that disappear fast. Take a look at our kitchen gear to make sure you've got everything ready for Shrove Tuesday.

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  • Toppings and inspiration

    Once your pancakes are made, it's time to get adventurous with some tasty combinations. don't just think sweet either. Savoury pancakes make a delicious change, and we've got plenty of ideas and recipes you can try.